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22 August 2010 @ 02:27 pm
This is a totally radeon-unrelated rant:


I decided to import some old photos into f-spot today to check for duplicates and organize them to folders corresponding to the date (i.e. yyyy/mm/dd). I assumed that f-spot would read the EXIF-metadata to extract the date (which is what it did before). After the import I was shocked to see that all images where put into 2001/01/01 ... which is totally wrong (the pictures dated 2005)! After looking at the images names (e.g. "01010008.jpg") I found out that the date was extracted from the filename (which is wrong as the camera does not name the images by date but by whatever else). I though: Ok, forget f-spot and let's use shotwell. Sadly shotwell imported the pictures into the same folders. I looked at the exif metadata of the images before and after the f-spot import ... before the date was correct, after the import the date was wrong.

f-spot replaced the exif timestamp by something that it assumed to be the correct timestamp. That's really evil.

Next to that f-spot was not able to import a large library (~10000 pictures) without using ~2.5GB RAM ... which caused my system to be swapping a lot (while still importing). This slowed down importing a single photo to ~5 seconds. Unusable.

I happily dropped f-spot and will never return. Shotwell performs much better (though it's still not as feature-rich). I'm happy to use a .NET/mono application less and I can only recommend that to you, too.


Next to that Jerome Glisse and Dave Airlie keep rocking implementing r600g.
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